Father in Armagh and Son in Devon

46202287_2292830837641449_3156652395346264064_n IMG_5523

Two Generations, Two sides of the Irish sea.

So the younger and marginally less bald O’Hagan has moved to the South West of England, the centre of the alternative, creative and environmentally sound food and drink world. I could pretend this is why I moved to Devon but it is a happy coincidence as I moved chasing a lovely wild Welsh woman.

So the lovely people at Trill Farm have taken me in and given me the perfect space to create mead on a beautiful organic farm. You should come visit the lovely community at Trill where you can experience and learn about working in harmony in nature including foraging, soap making, woodworking, preparing and cooking organic produce from the farm and yes, fermenting honey to create delicious beverages.

For the mead drinkers at home in Erin’s Isle do not fear as Tommy O’Hagan Snr. has everything under control. He is currently after me for the bottle sealing supplies I nicked the last time I was home.



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