Where can I buy Kilnasaggart Mead?

A good question.

McGeoughes, Jonesborough will sort you out if you are in Armagh and is the handiest if coming from Co. Louth.

First and last Off Licence, is in the middle of the village in Jonesborough.

Covering Belfast is The Vineyard on the Ormeau road. A fantastic treasure trove of wonderful alcohol.

Bin66, Banbridge is in between.

In Armagh city our mead can be found in McAnerney’s.

For The Cuan hotel in Strangford we make King’s Gold, a special edition Game of Thrones mead.

And finally covering Newry is The Fiveways Supermarket (on the big roundabout with 5 exits)

Alternatively, we suspect Betsi the Bee of stealing stock so if you see a drunk bee out foraging she may slip you a few bottles.



5 thoughts on “Where can I buy Kilnasaggart Mead?

  1. Hi guys, I recently visited Fiveways to try your mead, but they were out of stock. Will this be the case at the other vendors at the moment? If so, when can we expect some more?



    1. Hi Steven, I am very sorry the Fiveways was out of stock, thanks for letting me know and thank you for your interest in our mead. All the other shops should be in stock at the minute.

      Many Thanks
      Thomas O’Hagan


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